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    Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels


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    Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels Empty Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels

    Post  john04 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:39 am


    Pivot = 1.35594
    Projected High 1.36652 Projected Low 1.33970
    R1 1.36745 S1 1.35008
    R2 1.37331 S2 1.33857
    R3 1.37917 S3 1.33271


    Pivot = 0.01090
    Projected High 0.01095 Projected Low 0.01082
    R1 0.01095 S1 0.01087
    R2 0.01098 S2 0.01082
    R3 0.01101 S3 0.01079


    Pivot = 1.54551
    Projected High 1.55975 Projected Low 1.52958
    R1 1.57398 S1 1.53658
    R2 1.56505 S2 1.52597
    R3 1.57398 S3 1.51704

    Fortunate Management,
    David Young

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    Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels Empty Re: Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels

    Post  David Young on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:25 am

    Working following Pivot points can be pretty cool, but it has to be through strict money management, as that’s the only way we will succeed. I work with Nova FX Company and they have brilliant 133% bonus on deposit, so that helps me massively with creating solid money management. Also, it keeps me comfortable and relaxed, as with such high money management, I can always keep risk well within control, so that automatically means my performance getting better and better.
    Andrew Symonds

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    Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels Empty Re: Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels

    Post  Andrew Symonds on Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:18 pm

    I believe figuring out these levels is something which is extremely tough, but if we get it right then there is huge profit to be made, so we just got to be strong in our way to things which will automatically help us trading nicely. I don’t worry about this at all because of OctaFX broker’s support especially the low spreads from 0.1 pips for all major pairs while there is also massive rebate scheme that gives 50% back on all trades, so it all works beautifully for me.

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    Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels Empty Re: Today's (22th Feb, 2010) Currency Levels

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