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    The best strategies and broker for binary options 100% checked with ayrex the best broker



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    The best strategies and broker for binary options 100% checked with ayrex the best broker

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:23 pm

    If you are interested in binary option speculation, it is probably because you are attracted to the opportunity to win up to 90% of your bet in just a few minutes, since this is what the classic binary options propose. But today, with the development of platforms and therefore of brokers in binary options, the supply of options has evolved considerably, allowing you to make money in an even faster way.

    Enters demo platform AYREX.COM

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    The 30 second option: What is it? TEST AYREX EXCELLENT BROKER

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:27 pm

    The 30 second option: What is it? TEST AYREX EXCELLENT BROKER 

    Binary 30 seconds option is without doubt the support that will allow you to make money the fastest way in the world of online speculation, since its expiry is, as its name implies, 30 seconds only , From several minutes to several hours for the other types of options. What will determine your profit or loss is the direction in which the price of the asset you follow will evolve over this period of time.

    Obviously, playing in a 30 second option involves several risks that you must understand, but this option also has a playful side and gains often much higher than those offered by other options due to this higher level of risk. The 30 second option is undoubtedly the ideal speculation tool for operators with limited time and control of technical analysis. 

    Use this broker, I recommend it extensively:


    Posts : 112
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    Re: The best strategies and broker for binary options 100% checked with ayrex the best broker

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:37 pm

    Some tips to operate the 30 seconds option effectively: RECOMMENDED BROKER AYREX 

    As certainly be understood by reading the above, the option 30 seconds is definitely not an option as the others. For this reason, the operator advises to take some precautions, and adopt a strategy different from the one he is accustomed to apply. We come to give you some recommendations that will help you to use it to the best of your ability.

    The trend first: The first advice we could give you with regard to the speculation of the option 30 seconds is of course referring to the direction of your bet. Given that the expiration of this option is very short, it is preferable to bet only in the direction of the current trend. A short-term analysis: Finally, you must obviously perform a very short-term technical analysis, in particular, using the Charts in minutes and using good indicators such as support and resistance levels or volatility.

    Broker Link: Ayrex - the best binary options broker


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    Re: The best strategies and broker for binary options 100% checked with ayrex the best broker

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:39 pm

    Strategy for binary options 60 seconds with

    At this point thereno doubt that binary options are a highly recommended financial product. his

    Is very simple, very wide asset selection and expiration periods are most flexible. With the binary options you can collect both short and long term profits, so you decide how you want to establish your portfolio according to your needs and Investment objectives. 

    A particularly interesting feature is that the percentage of benefit is preset, ie before you execute the operation you can know what you will pick up in case the option ends successfully. There are even customizable operations where you can adjust parameters such as risk level and performance for the investment. 
    Register for 

    test the strategy on the demo platform unlimited.


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    Trading binary options RECOMIENDO AYREX BROKER

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:50 pm

    Trading binary options AYREX

    Binary options have become very popular especially for its simple operation. You only have to follow a few steps and you will have your investments prepared to make you money. If you think the price will go up, choose the option CALL and if you think it will go down choose the PUT option. When you finish the option in the money you will have won and if you do it out you will have lost.

    Within the types of options and taking into account their maturity terms we can highlight the standard options Above / Below, whose durations are usually from 15 min to 1 hour in duration, long-term options with considerably longer durations and options Of express type that go from the 30 seconds to the 5 min.

    In this article we will focus on the options of 60 seconds and everything related to them. We will also discuss the strategies we can use to get the most out of trading with binary options. Do not lose detail because below we try to give you some recommendations and tips so that you can get the highest performance operating in these options of only 1 min.

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    Posts : 112
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    Techniques and strategies for options 60 seconds with

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:54 pm

    Techniques and strategies for options 60 seconds with 

    There are many strategies you can use to operate with maturities as short, but must also be able to observe and be streetwise to not miss a single business opportunity. Among the most used strategies are those in which the graphics are used. Technical analyzes are often the most used to trade in binary options. Do you want to know how to use them? Well, read on.

    A very common strategy is the use of Japanese candles combined with other types of indicators such as Bollinger bands. As you know these bands show you two moving averages with which you can determine the levels of support and resistance of prices, or in other words, the maximum and minimum price that the quotation can reach, also called ceilings and floors of the quotations . 

    To give you an idea this strategy for the options of 60 seconds would work like this, when watching the chart identify 3 to 5 Japanese candles that leave the Bollinger bands you can get a signal against the trend followed up to that moment. In principle, the higher the number of candles, the lower your risk will be, because you can be more certain of the counter tendency and bet on the right option.

    In practice you will only have to wait patiently for candles that have the same color, that is, those that share the same tendency, to close outside the bands. This will often mean that there will be a setback and that is where you have to act against the trend. If the sails play the bullish band you will have to make the order to sell PUT and if it reaches the bearish then you will have to execute a purchase order CALL. 

    Apply the following strategy in this Broker: Ayrex - the best binary options broker


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    best strategies and broker for binary options 100% checked with ayrex the best broker

    Post  ayrex-official on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:57 pm

    When it comes to binary options there are many strategies that we can put into practice in order to be more likely to give greater anti-profitability to our capital. But, of course, before using any tactics it is very important to know in depth how the binary options market works and have the ability to operate quickly.

    When it comes to binary options it is not good to have doubts, as this can sometimes hurt us. Especially at the time of hunting the best opportunities. Without a doubt my recommendation to start using strategies is to do it first with small positions and as we go dominating it and we will be able to risk something more.

    Mastering a strategy takes time so take it easy at first to avoid suffering loss of capital for not knowing how to use it correctly. First of all, we must avoid becoming victims of an underdeveloped strategy.

    When it comes to strategies, there are really many to consider in order to get invest in binary options with advantage. But on this occasion I would like to discuss the strategy of betting against the direction of the market.
    The idea of ​​this tactic would be to invest in the reverse trend after a very vertical market movement. Obviously to use this tactic you have to be very aware of the market since the movements of this type usually occur after the publication of an economic data or news. At that moment we can bet that there will be a turn.

    For this type of binary betting, it is best to choose stock indexes that enjoy fast movements like the Nasdaq 100, FTSE or DAX for example. On the other hand, to carry out the strategy satisfactorily, the following rules must be taken into account and followed to the letter.

    In principle, the most important thing is to locate the days on which important data are published. If we keep waiting to be the first to find out the most relevant news we can anticipate the market movements and bet, in this case, in the opposite direction. It is important that after publishing the news we do not entertain ourselves analyzing it, because the market will move quickly towards a certain direction and we will have to make our bet when before.

    It will be during the first minutes after the market movement when we can open positions against it, ie if the Nasdaq index plummets by the publication of a data we have to be quick to open a position of uptrend. Taking into account how long the effect of a news in question may last, we will have to choose to choose a shorter or longer term. Of course it is necessary to be clear to what degree it has affected the publication to the market to know if we bet on an hour or a day for example.

    On the other hand, to warn that due to the abruptness of the initial market movement it is quite probable that the positions against the market are low. So the risks that we will be assuming to go against the current will not be very large if we take into account the risk and benefit relationship.

    Also do not forget that in some bets of binary options is not necessary to wait to maturity so if the price goes up and we want to sell in advance we can do it without any problem. But beware, not all binary options allow us to close early so this is something that should be checked beforehand. 

    To conclude, I must emphasize that this type of market movements occur sometimes times. So obviously you have to have patience to hunt for the best opportunity.


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    Re: The best strategies and broker for binary options 100% checked with ayrex the best broker

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