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    "Today ( 03, March,2010 ) Currencies levels"


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    "Today ( 03, March,2010 ) Currencies levels"

    Post  john04 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:38 pm


    Pivot = 1.35263
    Projected High 1.36156 Projected Low 1.33962
    R1 1.36177 S1 1.34756
    R2 1.36684 S2 1.33842
    R3 1.37191 S3 1.33335


    Pivot = 89.10
    Projected High 89.50 Projected Low 88.77
    R1 89.30 S1 88.83
    R2 89.57 S2 88.63
    R3 89.84 S3 88.36


    Pivot = 1.49439
    Projected High 1.50367 Projected Low 1.48169
    R1 1.50321 S1 1.48898
    R2 1.50862 S2 1.48016
    R3 1.51403 S3 1.47475

    Fortunate Management,
    David Young

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    Re: "Today ( 03, March,2010 ) Currencies levels"

    Post  David Young on Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:22 pm

    These levels are definitely great to trade better, but of course we need to be very careful in how we work things out. I have followed pivot points a lot, but we need to keep strong money management intact in order to make these work. I get it done fairly easily with Nova FX broker with their 133% bonus on deposit, it is excellent figure and helps me work very smoothly, so that’s why I love this and enjoy trading with them.
    Master Mohan

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    Re: "Today ( 03, March,2010 ) Currencies levels"

    Post  Master Mohan on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:12 pm

    We got to be very wise with these levels since we got to make sure we get it exactly spot on in order to gain from, if we are not able to get it right then we could have obvious struggle and difficulty which will be extremely tough to manage up. I get serious help from OctaFX broker with their amazing rebate that helps earning 15 dollars profits per lot size trade which is even for losing trades too, so all this is extremely handy and allows me to work nicely.
    Albert Janik

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    Re: "Today ( 03, March,2010 ) Currencies levels"

    Post  Albert Janik on Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:43 pm

    Investment is the first need for any business, so it should definitely be done, but it has to be with right company and only then we can gain any benefit out of it. I have invested my money on AGEA. Because in their hand my money is safe. They are providing higher level of security for funds. With their analysis and help I am able to trade well now a days and make profit consistently.

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    Re: "Today ( 03, March,2010 ) Currencies levels"

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